About Me

Hello, I'm Rachel Schofield and I am a Certified IDDP® based in beautiful Edmonton, Alberta. I specialize in Residential Interior Decorating, Interior Styling and Home Staging.

I have been fascinated with home decor and design as long as I can remember. As a child, my bedroom was my constantly evolving design project. Moving this here, or there. It was my oasis and I was proud of what I could create. Also, I LOVED looking through magazines and catalogues. I would put my favourite pictures into a photo album to create mood boards. 

I have always loved creating order out of chaos and delight in creating something out of nothing. I have been refinshing furniture and completing DIY projects since my teens. (Not always with the greatest results, but I digress.) 

I like working with a small budget because it forces me to think of what I can do with the box (rather than thinking outside of the box). I've never been much of trend follower, as such I take pride in having one of a kind pieces in my home. However, I do have my own personal style and you will always find touches of chrome, lucite, animal print, antiques and French country in my home.

My beloved husband is a skilled carpenter by trade, and he shares my love of creation and design. He has helped me on numerous projects, and staging jobs.  In my spare time, I love to cook, clean, read, shop and watch makeup tutorials on YouTube. I also LOVE social media and I'm constantly trying to improve my website, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram feeds.


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