September 12, 2015

Edmonton Decorator | Choosing the Right Colours

The Fool Proof Guide to Choosing Colours for Your Home


If you're a photographer, a makeup artist, a decorator, or graphic designer you've had the opportunity to learn about colour theory. You get into details of complementary colours, tints and shades, and additive versus subtractive colour. But why get bogged down in technical details when the real questions is: How do I know if these colours go well together?

 Let me ask you a simple question: which picture is easier to understand? Picture "A" or picture "B".  With a simple glance, it's easy to understand that picture B is a photo of an eggplant. Pretty simple, right?
The greatest artist in the world created that eggplant: Mother Nature and she is never wrong. So if you want a FOOLPROOF way to picking colours for your home, just look to Mother Nature for your inspiration. She's never wrong.

I've compiled some colour palettes from Design Seeds as they rely heavily on nature for their inspiration. Enjoy!

If you need help choosing colours for your home, contact me to schedule a Colour Consultation. They start at just $150. Learn more about them by visiting my Services page.


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