August 29, 2015

Edmonton Decorator | DIY | Chalkboard Paint

The Chalkboard Paint DIY Article of Your Dreams


Chalkboard paint is a modern design marvel. It allows you to instantly transform just about any surface into a canvas for your creativity. Write down an inspiration quote. Doodle a caricature. Then wipe it all away and start again. Tada!

I grew up in an era where teaching was done on a chalkboard. So I guess I still have fond memories of this school room esthetic.

Use chalkboard paint to create table top and galleries for children, customizable wine glasses for guests or simply a message center for your family.

Chalkboard Painted Dresser
Chalkboard Painted Coffee Table
Chalkboard Painted Wall Calendar
Chalkboard Painted Bathroom
Chalkboard Painted Menu
Chalkboard Painted Serving Tray
Chalkboard Painted Message Center
Chalkboard Painted Herb Pots
Chalkboard Painted Wall for Kids
Chalkboard Painted Spice Rack

Want even more DIY ideas? Check out my DIY Diva board on Pinterest.


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