August 8, 2015

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How Not Decorating with Antiques Makes You a Rookie

Now, I know that heading seems a little outlandish, but let me explain. Adding thrifted, vintage, antique or upcycled items to your decor gives you a unique edge.

Number one, if you shop at the same places that everyone else shops at, chances are you're going to have a friend that comments, "Hey, I saw that at HomeSense last week." Who wants to have what everyone else has?

Secondly, many of the home accessories are currently modelled on vintage or antique items. So, why not have the real deal?

And finally, they are fantastic conversation starters and can bring back a flood of fond memories.

You'd be surprised how adding an aged item or two, here and there, can really bring a lot of character and charm to a room. And if you are a vintage virgin, I really suggest you give it a try!

So who has been to the Blue Jar Antique Mall? I made my first foray and here's a few shots of what I found:

Lanterns, crates and jugs

Vintage weigh scales, tin ceiling tiles and kitchen stuff galore

Antique electronics, vintage sewing machine and an old clock

Brass bird cage, brass plant pot and old banker's boxes

Old rollerskates, silver oil lamps and distressed cupboards

It was hard to control myself, but I showed some restraint and bought just these three beauties!

Silver wine chiller, lion head door knocker and a Thai face mask

Psst! Want to see ALL of the pics I took at Blue Jar Antique Mall?  

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The Blue Jar Antique Mall occupies approximately 7,000 square feet and have vendors from Stony Plain, Spruce Grove, Leduc, Millet, Red Deer, Barrhead and Kelowna. Go on and visit them at 15230 Stony Plain Rd! 


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