July 31, 2015

Edmonton Decorator | Gardening Trend 2015

The Insider's Guide to Decorative Mosses

Whether fresh or faux, indoors or out, I find moss to be a charming way to add texture and appeal to your home and garden.

The Japanese have gardened with moss for centuries. Valued for its reduced need for watering, its greenness is considered to add a feeling of lushness and serenity to Japanese gardens.

So, how does your garden grow?

Moss in Milk Glass
Monogrammed Moss Letters
Moss Covered French Settee
Moss Graffiti
Moss Covered French Chair
Moss Grout between Paving Stones
Moss Covered Buddha Statue
Welcome Moss Signs
Moss in Candle Pots
Moss Covered Garden Statue
Whether you're an urban condo dweller or a suburban inhabitant, you can incorporate this trend within your surroundings. So go on and make the "moss" of it.


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