January 13, 2014

Edmonton Decorator | Professional Organizing and Decluttering

Just call me the Disaster Master

How has 2014 been treating you so far? Who has made a resolution to get their life or home organized and decluttered?

On January 1st, I went through my house like a clutter-seeking missile to eradicate my space of any superfluous items. After my 30 minute mission, I was done with my clutter busting. But, I was HUNGRY for more.

That's why, I have decided to offer a new service to my clients: Professional Organization and Decluttering.

Below are a few pictures from a recent project to help a client declutter and organize their home. (I apologize in advance for the pics. I got so caught up, I forgot to take photos of some rooms. And the other photos were taken in extreme haste. But, you get the idea...)

LEFT - Bedroom "Before" (Sorry, it was REALLY scary)   RIGHT - Bedroom After

LEFT - Linen Closet Before    RIGHT - Linen Closet After

BEFORE - Laundry room

AFTER - Laundry room

AFTER - Laundry room
(For anyone who's curious, the bedroom and closet took about 6 hours, and the laundry room took about 3.)

Do you need help getting organized? Drop me a line or give me a call!


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