October 31, 2013

Edmonton Interior Decorator | 10 Rooms with Painted Ceilings | Design Trend

A lot of people and clients I know are afraid to put anything other than white or beige on their walls. I say, "No problem! Paint the ceiling instead." Granted, after I say that, they are more likely to pick a wall colour. Apparently, the thought of painting the ceiling is even more terrifying than painting the walls. But, perhaps after seeing this post on pretty, painted ceilings, they'll change their minds.

As you'll see, it works for bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens. From contemporary, classic to dramatic. Have you changed yours? :)

Purple Painted Ceiling

Gray Painted Ceiling

Green Painted Ceiling

Green Painted Ceiling

Pink Painted Ceiling

Yellow Painted Ceiling

Pink Painted Ceiling

Stencil Painted Ceiling

Gold Painted Ceiling

Silver Painted Ceiling
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