August 26, 2013

Edmonton Interior Decorator | How to Decorate if You Live in a Small Place

We don't all get to live in sprawling mansions and palatial paradises. So what's the average person to do when confronted with confined quarters?

Here are my top 10 tips for decorating small spaces:

 1. No room for end tables? Use wall space.

2. No room for dressers? Use a storage bed/ or under bed storage.

3. Break the rules! Take the door off. Paint horizontal stripes on the wall. Turn the bed into a day bed. Use creative storage solutions.

4. No room for an office? Turn your closet into a functional and fabulous work space.

5. Not one square inch to spare? Make your kitchen or dining room do double duty.

6. Want to make your mall space oh so chic? Don't be afraid of luxurious touches.

7. Have a puny powder room? Be bold! Just be mindful of the scale of things.

8. No formal entry way? Make one! A bench seat and a mirror will create a well defined space.

9. Low ceilings or small windows? Hang your curtains high! You can even do it in your bathroom.

10. Running out of places to sit? Cube or storage ottomans do double duty. Tuck them under a table when not in use.

Still have questions on how to spacify your small place? I'm available for both local and long distanct clients. Drop me a line or give me a call. :)

August 16, 2013

Edmonton Interior Decorator | How to Decorate if you Hate to Clean

How to Decorate Your House if you Hate to Clean

There's some people that get joy in tending to smudges, dust bunnies and finger prints. And then, there's the rest of us. Here are my top 10 house hold finishes to avoid if you hate to clean.

Avoid: Shiny stainless steel appliances
Why: Finger prints, finger prints, finger prints!
Opt for: Smudge free stainless steel or black appliances

Avoid: Marble counter tops
Why:  Potential to etch and stain if not properly cared for.
Opt for: Engineered Stone or Corian

Avoid: White cupboards
Why: Just like white pants -- they offer not camouflage.
Opt for: Light to medium wood tone cupboards

Avoid: White grout
Why: It won't stay white for long. Absolutely unforgiving on floors.
Opt for: Putty or sand coloured grout
Avoid: Wall to wall carpet
Why: Potential for staining and major dust collector.
Opt for: Laminate, tile, hardwood or area rugs

Avoid: Dark laminate or dark hardwood flooring
Why: Every speck of dust will stand out. Expect to clean daily.
Opt for: Light to medium toned laminate or hardwood flooring

Avoid: White or light coloured upholstered or leather furniture
Why: Potential for staining.
Opt for: Mid to dark toned fabric or leather. Microfiber also makes for easy cleanup.

Avoid: Horizontal blinds
Why: Dust collectors! Takes a lot of patience to clean.
Opt for: Roller shades and/or curtains

Avoid: Small floor tiles
Why: Smaller tiles = more grout lines. Therefore, more cleaning.
Opt for:  Large floor tiles, and don't forget -- no white grout!

Avoid: Tiled shower stall
Why: Lots of scrubbing to keep the tiles and grout looking spotless.
Opt for: Acrylic shower stall

So there you go! Happy decorating and enjoy not cleaning (as much).

August 7, 2013

Edmonton Interior Decorator | All Aboard | Nautical Style Decor

I don't know if it's the rainy weather, but I've got the ocean on my mind. When I think of nautical inspired decor, immediately the classic combo of navy blue & white comes to mind. Then you add in wonderful rope accents, porthole mirrors, stripes, canvas and brass. All aboard the "I Love It Boat"!

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