May 19, 2013

Edmonton Interior Decorator | Let's Shop | West Edmonton Mall Target

I recently went on a shopping safari to Target in West Edmonton Mall. I must confess, I've never shopped in a Target south of the border before, so I had nothing to compare it to. However, a few of my friends had, and they said our Target just didn't measure up.

Here's a little of what I encountered during my first visit to the Canadian Target:

Regardless of my friends' lackluster reviews, I was pleased with my first foray to Tar-zhay! Naturally, I was most inclined to check out the home decor and accessories. I was tickled to find collections by the beloved Nate Berkus -- though everything seem well picked through already. Target also had a large collection of colourful bedding and sheets. They even offered organic cotton sheets at really reasonable prices.

Despite the obvious comparisons to Walmart and Zellers, I still think Target is a slight cut above the two. I'll definitely be back to pick up some pillows and mirrors. With up to date selections, and affordable prices, they have great offerings for home decorating and home staging.

Have you been yet -- what did you think of their selections?


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