May 31, 2013

Edmonton Interior Decorator | Colour Trend | Plum & Gold

"How do I know what colours go together?"

I hear this question a lot. Aside from giving an impromptu lesson in colour theory, I often tell my clients to look to nature. If it exists in harmony naturally, it will surely look great in your home.

Personally, I have a huge colour crush on plum and gold (or green). It's so vibrant, rich and stimulating!

Purple flower with yellow center

Moodboard by Rachel Schofield of

Staging accessories used by

Staging accessories used by

Plum sofa with gold ottoman

Plum decor with green and gold accents

Moroccan inspired palette: plum and golden green

Purple and yellow with gray

Purple and yellow with gray (home decor)

Are you feeling inspired by this colour palette?


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