May 31, 2013

Edmonton Interior Decorator | Colour Trend | Plum & Gold

"How do I know what colours go together?"

I hear this question a lot. Aside from giving an impromptu lesson in colour theory, I often tell my clients to look to nature. If it exists in harmony naturally, it will surely look great in your home.

Personally, I have a huge colour crush on plum and gold (or green). It's so vibrant, rich and stimulating!

Purple flower with yellow center

Moodboard by Rachel Schofield of

Staging accessories used by

Staging accessories used by

Plum sofa with gold ottoman

Plum decor with green and gold accents

Moroccan inspired palette: plum and golden green

Purple and yellow with gray

Purple and yellow with gray (home decor)

Are you feeling inspired by this colour palette?

May 19, 2013

Edmonton Interior Decorator | Let's Shop | West Edmonton Mall Target

I recently went on a shopping safari to Target in West Edmonton Mall. I must confess, I've never shopped in a Target south of the border before, so I had nothing to compare it to. However, a few of my friends had, and they said our Target just didn't measure up.

Here's a little of what I encountered during my first visit to the Canadian Target:

Regardless of my friends' lackluster reviews, I was pleased with my first foray to Tar-zhay! Naturally, I was most inclined to check out the home decor and accessories. I was tickled to find collections by the beloved Nate Berkus -- though everything seem well picked through already. Target also had a large collection of colourful bedding and sheets. They even offered organic cotton sheets at really reasonable prices.

Despite the obvious comparisons to Walmart and Zellers, I still think Target is a slight cut above the two. I'll definitely be back to pick up some pillows and mirrors. With up to date selections, and affordable prices, they have great offerings for home decorating and home staging.

Have you been yet -- what did you think of their selections?

May 16, 2013

Edmonton Interior Decorator | Get the Look for Less | All Hale the Navy

You see an amazing photo in a decorating magazine and you ask yourself, "How can I get that look? And how can I get it for less?"

Here's the inspiration: a masculine, eclectic inspired living room. I'd estimate the original cost at $9695. That's quite a big chunk of change if you're redecorating an entire house.

The inspiration

Here's how I got the look for MUCH less!
While the items I selected are not identical replicas, overall it would still create the same masculine, eclectic look. My shopping around allowed me to create the look for nearly $6000 LESS!

Mirror - $358   Artwork - $30/ea   Lamps - $99/ea   End Tables - $215/ea   Sofa - $1999   Ottomans - $199/ea   Area Rug - $170   Cushions - $30/ea
Wall colour - Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore

May 5, 2013

Edmonton Interior Decorator | Get The Look | Life is But a Dream

You see an amazing photo in a decorating magazine and you ask yourself, "How can I get that look? And how can I get it for less?"

Here's the inspiration: a chic, Hollywood Regency inspired gray and white master bedroom. I'd estimate the cost at $4500. Which, is not BAD for a master bedroom, but who wouldn't want to get the look for less??

However, here's how I got the look for less than 1/2 price!
Rachel Schofield: Best Edmonton Decorator | Look for Less | Moodboard

You can have everything you see here for $2012!

Lamps: $49.99/ea (Bouclair) Nightstands: $219.99/ea (Pier 1) Headboard: $679 (Furniture Depot) Pillows: $39.99/ea (Macy's) Ottomans: $175/ea (EuroStyle Lighting) Rug: $34.99 (Jysk) Duvet: $260 (The W Hotel Store) Sheets: $27.99 (Bed Bath Beyond) Wall Colour: Silver Fox by Benjamin Moore


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