March 22, 2013

Edmonton Interior Decorator | Top 10 Pro Decorating Tips

Just in case you are deciding to tackle some home improvement this weekend, I thought I would share my Top 10 Pro Tips for Interior Decorating. Everything from choosing a wall colour, how to paint your trim, to picking the perfect mirror, will be covered here. Enjoy!

"Paint your trim and walls the same colour when: A) Your trim is older and you don't want to draw attention to it, and B) When you want the walls to disappear in a wash of colour and the focus to be on the room and furniture.

"Don't be afraid to try a different shape mirror. Ditch the rectangle and try oval, round or hexagon."

"Disguise an off-center window with draperies."

"Make a galley kitchen feel more open -- upper cabinets with glass door fronts. Also, if you don't have a window, install a mirror where a window should be."

"How to live with saturated or bright colours -- use them in small doses. The white wainscoting breaks the purple down into digestible amounts."

"Boost your bathroom's elegance with 2 curtain panels and a coordinating valance."

"Staging your bathroom doesn't have to be expensive or elaborate. Seen here: a flea-market-find shelf with simple white linens, a jar full of soap, garden flowers and a container of cotton swabs. Simple and effective."

"When selecting a carpet for your dining room, make sure there is about 8-12 inches from the edge of the carpet to the legs of the chair."

"Want to add some colour to your room, but can't commit to putting it on the walls? Try the ceiling instead."

"Large wall and don't know what to do? Or don't want to hang art? Use mirrors to break up the space and add some glitz."

Would you like some real-time, real life advice? Just give me a call.


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