February 5, 2013

Edmonton Interior Decorator | Top 10 Staging Mistakes | Home Sellers

Calling all Home Owners: If you are thinking of putting your home for sale, please remember that this is likely the biggest investment of your life. Treat it as such. Here are the top 10 staging mistakes I have encountered in the industry. Do not make these staging mistakes with your home!

10. "I love it, so everyone else must." Put away your collection of model cars and porcelain figurines. This is neither a trade show nor a museum.

9. Oversized furniture in under sized spaces. You're making your home look small and cramped. The opposite of what buyers are looking for.

8. Hiding trouble spots. That strategically placed carpet or flower pot should be for decorative purposes -- not to hide carpet stains or damage to the floor.

7. Ignoring the small things: Clean the blinds, and ceiling fan. Buyers want to think the home is well cared for.

6. Over powering air fresheners. Don't over do it with artificial scents. They'll wondering what you're covering up.

5. Over stuffing closets & cupboards. Buyers will look in there. If it looks small and cramped they are going to fear lack of adequate space.

4. Leaving poochie's toys and food bowls out. Don't want a buyer taking an unexpected dip in a bowl full of doggy water.

3. Leaving the bathroom (or any room) with a lived-in look. Put away soggy towels, toothbrushes, and other personal grooming tools.

2. Closing all the blinds & lights before a showing. Create a bright and welcoming environment by letting the sunshine in!

1. Thinking that professional home staging & photography won't make a difference in the sale of your home. After all, look at these REAL examples of MLS pictures of staging gone WRONG.

Now, let's see the flipside of the coin! Here are the top 10 staging tips!

Want to know what Home Staging really is? Separate the truth from myth and mystery.


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