January 23, 2013

Edmonton Interior Decorator | Top 10 Staging Tips | Selling a Home

You know those commercials with crazy stunt drivers, and they have the disclaimer: "Professional Driver on closed course...do not attempt at home." It is best to leave Home Staging and Real Estate transactions to the professionals, but if you MUST do it alone, here are my Top 10 Staging Tips to get your home sold.

1. De-clutter: It costs nothing and helps you prepare for your move-out day.

2. De-personalize & neutralize: Allow potential buyers to envision the property as their future home.

3. F.O.R.D: Fix or replace damaged items. Pay particular attention to sticky doors, drawers or windows.

4. Re-arrange furniture to maximize space and enhance flow through the rooms. It's no longer about how you use the space, but how the space can best be used.

5. Never leave a room completely empty. It will appear smaller than it actually is.

6. A fresh coat of paint is the perfect pick me up for any home. Always opt for light, neutral tones to appeal to the widest range of buyers.

7. Clear off all flat surfaces. This includes floors, table tops and counter tops. Accessories are ok. Clutter is not.

8. Smells that sell: Your house not only has to look fresh, it has to smell fresh. But it doesn't have to smell of Pinesol. Freshly baked cookies or bread always wins over the hearts and stomachs of buyers.

9. Let the sunshine in: Open your blinds or curtains to let the natural light in. And, if you have blankets of foil on your windows, bid them bye-bye!

10. Think hotel chic: White towels and bedding always look fresh, clean and inviting.

I leave you with a few simple before and after photos of home staging that speak for themselves!


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