November 25, 2012

Edmonton Interior Decorator | Cozy Curtains, Canopies and More | Design Trend

Maybe it's that time of year, but the snow is making me long for comfort and romance. What could be cozier than a bed surrounded by curtains? Whether it's a four poster bed, a canopy bed, or a DIY with curtain rails, this is a wonderful way to bring warmth and luxury into your bedroom. But, this style is not just for the wintry months. Switch out the curtains in spring and summer for a lighter look and feel.

November 17, 2012

Edmonton Interior Decorator | Moodboard | Urban Industrial

Metal is to the industrial look what wood is to the rustic look. The Urban Industrial style lends itself well perfectly to loft living. Hallmarks of this look include: caged lamps, concrete floors, exposed brick, distressed leather and worn metal.

Looking for more Urban Industrial ideas? Visit my Pinterest board here.

November 14, 2012

Edmonton Interior Decorator | Top Design Trends | Love it Need it Gotta Have it

Everyone has their favourites. As an interior decorator, I've got a list about a mile long of things I love. Of course, they all belong into distinct categories. Here, I am sharing my TOP 10 Must-Haves for Home Interiors. All of these items will add style and functionality to your home: from the ceiling to the kitchen sink. Enjoy!

1. Coffered ceilings: Add instant drama and architectural interest to any room. Painting the ceiling a striking colour will elevate the drama to another level.

2. Built-in book shelves: Even if you read everything electronically, use these shelves to show off your prized possessions and collections.

3. Wainscoting: These panels will add elegance and sophistication wherever you choose to use them. Best in hallways and dining rooms.

4. Glass kitchen cabinet doors: Will make your kitchen seem more open and airy.

5. Herringbone floors: Instead of straight, lines have your flooring (tile or hardwood) laid in a herringbone pattern. Will make the room appear larger.

6. Horizontal striped walls: Cheap and easy way to add visual impact to a room. Experiment with colour and line thickness to achieve your perfect look.

7. Sliding barn door: A great way to create a division between rooms without needing the clearance of a regular swing-door.

8. Closet conversion: Take a regular closet and turn it into a functional and attractive space.

9. Subway tile: Classic and affordable. Great in kitchens and bathrooms alike. Available in a variety of colours.

10. Farm sink: No more fighting with small sinks to wash your over sized pots and pans.

November 10, 2012

Edmonton Interior Decorator | Design Trend | Shower Curtain Panels

Say bye-bye to the single shower curtain and hello to curtain panels. This trend adds more style and glamour to your bathroom with very little cost.

When I go shopping, I am often disappointed with variety and options for shower curtains. They usually fall into three categories: a)Childish, b)Granny-ish, or c)White. Not exactly the perfect pick for every situation.

With the emergence of this new trend towards double panels, instead of one shower curtain, a new world of possibility opens up. Leave the "bath" aisle and head for "bed" and beyond to find new curtains for your washroom. And, as always, hang your curtains as high as possible to add visual height to your room.

November 6, 2012

Edmonton Interior Decorator | Design Trend | Making an Entrance

Wow and amaze your friends the second they cross the threshold into you home by making a GRANDE ENTRANCE. From contemporary, traditional, eclectic to shabby chic -- here are some beautiful ideas to get the inspiration flowing.


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