October 31, 2012

Edmonton Interior Decorator | Halloween Decor | Out of my Skull

Happy Halloween! I hope you are enjoying a boo-tiful day. This post wraps up my month-long tribute to All Hallow's Eve. From pumpkins, to ghost chairs, to black walls and now skulls.

So, am I out of my head, but I think some of these items would look great year round:

October 27, 2012

Edmonton Interior Decorator | Colour Trend | Black in the Day

Most of my clients are pretty confident when it comes to making furniture selections. However, their biggest source of anxiety tends to focus on colour selection. If I suggest anything that is a whisper darker than white, many of them start to worry.

"Will the room look too small? Will I feel like the walls are closing in? Will it be depressing?"

The answer is: no, no and no. Not if it's done right and well balanced with other elements in the room.

To prove my point, I am showcasing rooms with the darkest paint possible: BLACK! I dare say, you will find these rooms chic and elegant -- never dull or depressing.

So, are you still afraid of the dark?

October 25, 2012

Edmonton Interior Decorator | Home Staging | Character Condo for Sale

Is your vacant property giving a ghastly impression?

This post is not for the faint of heart. Just teasing! I had the opportunity to list and stage a vacant foreclosure. Unfortunately, these opportunities are often overlooked by many REALTORS. From the business end, there's not a lot of money to be made, so corners tend to be cut. The property is often left "as is" -- that's why you see a lot of foreclosure listings WITHOUT photos.

But, I see these properties as the underdog. Sure, they are a great price, but do they need to be the ugly duckling? I say no way!

Look at this character condo transform into a swan with the right finishing touches: professional staging and photography.

I can't forget to mention: These services were provided at NO extra cost to my client. All of my listings with KENNEDY Real Estate receive complimentary interior styling and professional photography. Who can say no to THAT?

Bedroom #1 before

Bathroom before

Living room before

Kitchen before

This is a great property! But, if you had to see it in its original state, you wouldn't be able to see its true potential. Not only is this condo an unbelievable price at $74,900 but it's spacious and loaded with character.

The total package: after
You can't argue with results like that. Now,who wants to take a look?

October 24, 2012

Edmonton Interior Decorator | Design Trend | Ghost Chairs

We're just a week away from Halloween and I just had to share these "booo-tiful" chairs.

Philippe Starck's Ghost Chair combines two of my favourite things: classic French design and clear plastic. The Ghost chair is fashioned after the Louis XV chair and is made from transparent polycarbonate.

These chairs are so function and versatile, you can use them in just about any type of decor.

October 19, 2012

Edmonton Interior Decorator | Decor Trends | Oxblood & Leopard Print

The Fall Fashion Trends for 2012 are fully upon us. You will seen plenty of gold, leopard, black suede and oxblood in storefront windows. If you like these looks in your closet, you'll also like them in your home.

Here is my interpretation of this fall's fashion trends as they relate to the home. Enjoy!

Fall Trends: For Fashion & Home Decor

October 11, 2012

Edmonton Interior Decorator | Halloween Decor | No Carve Pumpkins

10 Halloween Pumpkins that Don't Require Carving

I don't know about you, but I never mastered the art of pumpkin carving. Suffice to say, when Halloween rolls around each year, there is nary a pumpkin to be found around my abode.

Here are a few of my favourite Halloween decorating ideas, from the delightful to the frightful! (And not a single one of these requires carving!)


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