July 19, 2012

Edmonton Interior Decorator | The Look for Less

My clients know that I give tremendous value for my design services. Why? Because I believe that Interior Decorating & Design can be affordable and accessible for nearly every lifestyle. I'm also a keen bargain hunter. It doesn't matter if it's my money, or yours, I want to get the best deal and the best value at all times. Because I spend so many hours in different furniture showrooms, I know what is a reasonable price for any given piece of furniture. I also know that most retailers carry the same line of furniture, but with varying degrees of markup.

Here are a few examples of identical chairs, that I sourced for clients in the past few weeks:

Eames Barcelona Ottoman $1395 vs $450
I saved my clients nearly $2000 by purchasing two of these chairs at $450 rather than at $1395. Same chair...same manufacturer. (Interesting fact: I saved them even more than my total design fee.)

Black & Silver Damask Dining Chair $340 vs $230
My client fell in love with these chairs. She needed 8 of these beauties for her formal dining room. I saved her $880 by finding the exact same chair at a lower price point.

Elegant Art Deco Chairs $599 vs $459
A client wanted 4 of these chairs. I scouted around to find the best price. Lo and behold, I was able to save her $600! The same price tag of one of the over-priced chairs.

Grey Leather Pouf Ottomans $2080 vs $199

Now here, I am comparing apples to slightly different apples. These leather "pouf" ottomans are not from the same manufacturer, but they look nearly identical in real life. Can you imagine paying $5160 for some little footstools? I achieved the same look for $398! (Even with the GIANT price reduction on the left, it still would have cost my client $812 for two "poufs".)

I'm also able to pass along "Designer Discounts" to my clients, that is only available to Certified Industry Members. Depending on the product, or retailer, I can pass along a savings of anywhere from 5-40%. So, are you ready to save?


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