July 23, 2012

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Is your house your "Home Sweet Home" or does it give you nightmares? Or worse, does it bore you to tears? Maybe it's in need of a little pick me up. Let your home take center stage with Interior Styling.

What's that? Interior Styling is the equivalent of having a stylist "shop" your closet and put together outfits for you. Rachellabelle Interiors will "shop" your house and put together arrangements, displays and vignettes to give your home that polished look. Bring your beloved knick knacks and collectibles out of hiding! Rachellabelle Interiors will also suggest optimal furniture layouts to maximize the space and flow in your home.

Is your home ready to take center stage?

Interior Styling: Gray console with sunburst mirror
Interior Styling: Neutral sofa with colourful cushions
Interior Styling: Ottoman with stacked books
Interior Styling: Show off your collectibles
Interior Styling: Shabby chic with polished chrome lamps


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