July 11, 2012

Edmonton Interior Decorator | DIY & Crafts | Make it like Martha

Looking for something to do on the long, hot days of summer? Engage your inner Do-It-Yourself Diva and give some of these Pinterest-ing crafts a try! (Click images to be taken to directions, etc.)

Link for details: www.pinterest.com/pin/118852877642509411

Link for details: www.pinterest.com/pin/118852877642485496

Link for details: www.pinterest.com/pin/118852877642144847/

Link for details: www.pinterest.com/pin/118852877641881833/

Link for details: www.pinterest.com/pin/118852877639564619

Link for details: www.pinterest.com/pin/118852877637813044/

Link for details: www.pinterest.com/pin/118852877637765675/

Link for details: www.pinterest.com/pin/118852877637122770/

Link for details: www.pinterest.com/pin/118852877641563439/

Link for details: www.pinterest.com/pin/118852877635893516/

So, which one are you going to try first?
See more DIY inspiration at: www.pinterest.com/YEGDecorator/diy-diva


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