July 29, 2012

Edmonton Interior Decorator | Design Trend | Union Jack: London 2012

London Calling

Is it unpatriotic of me to admit, that from a design standpoint, I prefer the look of the national flag of the UK, to that of our own maple leaf? Let's just blame it on my young, and impressionable memories, of Gerri Halliwell wriggling about in her iconic Spice Girls costume. Not to mention, I love the lines, and colour combinations. So much so, that I'm planning to some day re-do a piece of furniture with a Union Jack motif.

Seeing as London is hosting the 2012 Olympics, and everyone has Royal fever, I thought this as good as time as any to share my love for this Red, White and Blue.

Union Jack Club Chair

July 23, 2012

Edmonton Interior Decorator | Interior Styling & Home Staging | Design Services

Is your house your "Home Sweet Home" or does it give you nightmares? Or worse, does it bore you to tears? Maybe it's in need of a little pick me up. Let your home take center stage with Interior Styling.

What's that? Interior Styling is the equivalent of having a stylist "shop" your closet and put together outfits for you. Rachellabelle Interiors will "shop" your house and put together arrangements, displays and vignettes to give your home that polished look. Bring your beloved knick knacks and collectibles out of hiding! Rachellabelle Interiors will also suggest optimal furniture layouts to maximize the space and flow in your home.

Is your home ready to take center stage?

Interior Styling: Gray console with sunburst mirror
Interior Styling: Neutral sofa with colourful cushions
Interior Styling: Ottoman with stacked books
Interior Styling: Show off your collectibles
Interior Styling: Shabby chic with polished chrome lamps

July 19, 2012

Edmonton Interior Decorator | The Look for Less

My clients know that I give tremendous value for my design services. Why? Because I believe that Interior Decorating & Design can be affordable and accessible for nearly every lifestyle. I'm also a keen bargain hunter. It doesn't matter if it's my money, or yours, I want to get the best deal and the best value at all times. Because I spend so many hours in different furniture showrooms, I know what is a reasonable price for any given piece of furniture. I also know that most retailers carry the same line of furniture, but with varying degrees of markup.

Here are a few examples of identical chairs, that I sourced for clients in the past few weeks:

Eames Barcelona Ottoman $1395 vs $450
I saved my clients nearly $2000 by purchasing two of these chairs at $450 rather than at $1395. Same chair...same manufacturer. (Interesting fact: I saved them even more than my total design fee.)

Black & Silver Damask Dining Chair $340 vs $230
My client fell in love with these chairs. She needed 8 of these beauties for her formal dining room. I saved her $880 by finding the exact same chair at a lower price point.

Elegant Art Deco Chairs $599 vs $459
A client wanted 4 of these chairs. I scouted around to find the best price. Lo and behold, I was able to save her $600! The same price tag of one of the over-priced chairs.

Grey Leather Pouf Ottomans $2080 vs $199

Now here, I am comparing apples to slightly different apples. These leather "pouf" ottomans are not from the same manufacturer, but they look nearly identical in real life. Can you imagine paying $5160 for some little footstools? I achieved the same look for $398! (Even with the GIANT price reduction on the left, it still would have cost my client $812 for two "poufs".)

I'm also able to pass along "Designer Discounts" to my clients, that is only available to Certified Industry Members. Depending on the product, or retailer, I can pass along a savings of anywhere from 5-40%. So, are you ready to save?

July 17, 2012

Edmonton Interior Decorator | Design Trend | Flame Stitch

I can't help but play The Doors "Light my Fire" in my head when I think of the latest design trend: Flame Stitch. I see this pattern as chevron's amped-up cousin. Similar lines, but even edgier. If it looks familiar, it's because the motif is very similar to that of Missoni's signature print.

Are you hot for Flame Stitch?

July 11, 2012

Edmonton Interior Decorator | DIY & Crafts | Make it like Martha

Looking for something to do on the long, hot days of summer? Engage your inner Do-It-Yourself Diva and give some of these Pinterest-ing crafts a try! (Click images to be taken to directions, etc.)

Link for details: www.pinterest.com/pin/118852877642509411

Link for details: www.pinterest.com/pin/118852877642485496

Link for details: www.pinterest.com/pin/118852877642144847/

Link for details: www.pinterest.com/pin/118852877641881833/

Link for details: www.pinterest.com/pin/118852877639564619

Link for details: www.pinterest.com/pin/118852877637813044/

Link for details: www.pinterest.com/pin/118852877637765675/

Link for details: www.pinterest.com/pin/118852877637122770/

Link for details: www.pinterest.com/pin/118852877641563439/

Link for details: www.pinterest.com/pin/118852877635893516/

So, which one are you going to try first?
See more DIY inspiration at: www.pinterest.com/YEGDecorator/diy-diva


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