June 6, 2012

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It's no secret I'm obsessed with homes. It's what led me to a one-of-a-kind career as a REALTOR, Interior Decorator & Home Stager. It's true, I do go weak in the knees when I walk into furniture showrooms. I also consider watching television shows, about decorating & real estate, "professional development." In fact, I usually DVR shows to watch while I'm on my stationary bike. (Yes, I like to multi task.) One of my favourite show to watch, is the Canadian show, "The Stagers."

Some people "get" the need for staging, and others don't. They think their home should sell, whether it's vacant, or filled with Granny's hand-me-down furniture. Think again.

Buyers want to walk into a showroom like setting. You need to do the work for them by showing what their soon-to-be home can look like. Also, with the trend towards previewing homes online, which properties do you think are going to stand out? When working with me, I can offer you both traditional and virtual staging solutions.

1. The first pair of properties I chose to compare, are similar condos in the same building. Unit "A" is vacant, unstaged and undecorated. Unit "B" is decorated and staged. As a buyer, which property would you be more inclined to view?

Vacant, unstaged 1 bedroom condo

Decorated & staged 1 bedroom condo

2. The second pair of properties I chose to compare, are similar, furnished condos in the same building. This time, both properties have the luxury of displaying a "lived in" look. But, only one is staged. If given the choice, which property would you rather look at?
Unstaged 2 bedroom condo

Staged 2 bedroom condo

3. The final 4 selections I present to you, are condos before and after virtual staging*. It takes the guess out of the equation and gives buyers a concrete notion of what their home could look like.
Living room: Before & After virtual staging

Bedroom: Before & After virtual staging

Living room: Before & After virtual staging

Loft: Before & After virtual staging
Do you have questions about preparing your property for sale? Call me -- I'd love to help!
*Virtual staging is offered to Sellers via Kennedy Real Estate.


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