March 31, 2012

Edmonton Interior Decorator | Hiring a Decorator

Decorating a house yourself can be like planning a wedding. Most people don't do it very often so they can make a lot of costly mistakes and end up with something that does not give them fulfillment or joy.

But, Rachel. Interior Decorators are SO expensive. Many people have the impression that Interior Decorators are just for wealthy home owners. People also hold the impression that if they hire a decorator their home would not reflect their tastes, desires or requirements. As an Interior Decorator, I provide an essential service in saving time, eliminating frustration an disappointment and providing cost savings to you.

I'm intrigued. Tell me more. Do you like lists? I do...

As your Interior Decorator:
  • Help you define and enhance your own style
  • Help you decide how best to allocate the dollars in your budget
  • Help you mix and match pieces from different furniture manufacturers so that your home doesn’t look as if you opened a catalogue and simply checked off everything on one page.
  • Make informed selections from a vast number of product resources, many that only trade professionals have access to.
  • I understand the Principles of Interior Design: texture, pattern, rhythm, colour, proportion and balance.
  • I have studied Colour Theory. I can show you how to use colour to make a small room seem larger, and a humungous space feel cozy.
  • I can help your renovation process move along smoother and get you the most bang for your buck.
  • I will simplify your life

Read more about my Interior Decorating services & packages here.


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