March 31, 2012

Edmonton Interior Decorator | Hiring a Decorator

Decorating a house yourself can be like planning a wedding. Most people don't do it very often so they can make a lot of costly mistakes and end up with something that does not give them fulfillment or joy.

But, Rachel. Interior Decorators are SO expensive. Many people have the impression that Interior Decorators are just for wealthy home owners. People also hold the impression that if they hire a decorator their home would not reflect their tastes, desires or requirements. As an Interior Decorator, I provide an essential service in saving time, eliminating frustration an disappointment and providing cost savings to you.

I'm intrigued. Tell me more. Do you like lists? I do...

As your Interior Decorator:
  • Help you define and enhance your own style
  • Help you decide how best to allocate the dollars in your budget
  • Help you mix and match pieces from different furniture manufacturers so that your home doesn’t look as if you opened a catalogue and simply checked off everything on one page.
  • Make informed selections from a vast number of product resources, many that only trade professionals have access to.
  • I understand the Principles of Interior Design: texture, pattern, rhythm, colour, proportion and balance.
  • I have studied Colour Theory. I can show you how to use colour to make a small room seem larger, and a humungous space feel cozy.
  • I can help your renovation process move along smoother and get you the most bang for your buck.
  • I will simplify your life

Read more about my Interior Decorating services & packages here.

March 30, 2012

Edmonton Interior Decorator | Mirror, Mirror | How to use Mirrors

Mirror, mirror...but not just on the wall, but above a fireplace, on the ceiling ("Yeah, baby") and above a console table. Mirrors are one of my favourite-go-to tricks in Interior Decorating and Home Staging. Mirrors aren't just for checking out your royal hotness, but they are effective in creating a sense of greater space by reflecting light. I also use them on walls that would benefit from a window, or other source of daylight.

Collection of Gold Baroque Mirrors

Hall of Mirrors Chateau de Versailles

Hall of Mirrors Chateau de Versailles

March 28, 2012

Edmonton Home Stager

While this is typically a photo based blog, I thought it was important to clear up some common misconceptions about what Home Staging is. The easiest way is to start with what Home Staging is NOT:

  • Home Staging is NOT removing every last stick of your furniture, and replacing it with showroom quality furniture.
  • Home Staging is NOT about removing every trace of the existence of human life in your house.
  • Home Staging is NOT about styling your home in a way that is out of sync with your home type, neighbourhood and price in the marketplace.
  • Home Staging is NOT outrageously expensive.

What Home Staging is:
  • A skilled Home Stager can work with the furniture and accessories that you've already got.
  • A skilled Home Stager starts the process by decluttering and editing your home.
  • A skilled Home Stager is able to look at your home objectively to make it most appealing to prospective home buyers.
  • A skilled Home Stager knows how to reposition your furniture and accessories to highlight the true beauty of your home.
  • A skilled Home Stager will only recommend furniture rentals for sparse or vacant properties.
  • A skilled Home Stager's professional services will give you a great return on your investment.

    See this picture? This is an ACTUAL photo posted on MLS. Both the seller and the Realtor agreed to photograph and list the home in this state. Do you think this home is honestly presented in its best light? Call me crazy, but I don't think there's any place for wigs or chickens in professional MLS photos.

    March 22, 2012

    Edmonton Interior Decorator | Celebrity Style | Rachel Zoe Edition

    This is fashion-obsessed uber stylist, Rachel Zoe. Her insane devotion to fashion (Chanel in particular) along with her quirky persona, has made her as famous as the long list of clients she serves.

    I'm always interested to see how people's personal style translates to their home, and my name-sake Rachel Zoe is no exception. In fact, I spy with my little eye, some of my favourite design elements. There's a lot of black, white, chrome, lucite, stripes, and animal prints. More specifically, I see (and "I die" for) her: Eero Saarinen Tulip Chairs; Warren Platner side table; and the Barcelona day bed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. My gosh, it's almost as if we were separated at birth. Except, her life has a lot more 0's in it than my does. Both in her clothing size and bank account. But, I digress...

    Here's a little virtual tour of her LA home. It's bananas!

    Want to see some of Rachel Zoe's home decor must haves? Check out her Zoe report here:

    March 17, 2012

    Edmonton Interior Decorator | Design Trend | Animal Print

    It's true. I've never met an animal print I didn't like. Giraffe, leopard, cheetah or zebra. I love them all. However, I must stress, I prefer my animal prints of the "faux" variety. We don't need to kill beautiful, endangered animals for the sake of fashion and decorating.

    So, are you ready to open the doors to a wild, world of animal prints?

    March 9, 2012

    Edmonton Interior Decorator | 10 Rooms fit for a Princess

    When you think of a "girly" bedroom room, chances are visions of fluffy, pink things come to mind. But I think a room fit for a princess can range from serene white to hot pink. If you could relive your childhood dreams, which room would you be most drawn to?

    March 4, 2012

    Edmonton Interior Decorator | 15 Great Closet & Organization Ideas

    Great closet and organization ideas

    There's more than one way to crack and egg, and there's definitely more than one way to store your stuff. I love finding new and creative ways to maximize and transform spaces. Use shelves to create storage where closets don't exist, or open up your hallway closets to create accessible storage nooks. Another favourite trend I see is converting closets to home offices.

    Want to see how this closet conversion was completed? Follow the instructions here:


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