February 19, 2012

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Those who know me well, have heard me say that I was born at least 50 years too late. I'm in love with times past, and the 1920s-30s is no exception. The design style that evolved during this time was know as Art Deco. This "new age" style combined facets of the industrial age, along with geometric shapes and the charm of the silver screen.

Art Deco is famous for its use of high contrast colour schemes, industrial materials and clean lines. Typical decor elements would include: glass block, neon, chrome, mirrors and panels of opaque glass. Colour palettes would most likely include cool shades such as purple, green and black. Creamy neutrals and metallic accents would provide contrast to these dark shades.

If you're looking for a little touch of luxury, and striking elegance of the 20-30s, look to this moodboard for your inspiration.

{Click to enlarge}
Did you like this post? Check out my Aqua Ambition moodboard, which also features excellent ideas for an Art Deco influenced style.


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