February 27, 2012

Edmonton Interior Decorator | 10 Perfect Powder Rooms

Good Things Come in Small Packages

Powder rooms are no exceptions. Despite the petite dimensions, they are the perfect opportunity to stretch and exercise your design style. Which one is your favourite?

February 25, 2012

Edmonton Interior Decorator | Colour Trend: Black &Yellow | Honey Bee-Beautiful

Black and Yellow isn't just a hit song by rapper, Wiz Khalifa, it's also an energetic, high contrast colour combination for your home. When I think of black and yellow, I think of the bustling of NYC yellow taxis, cheerful sunflowers and the buzz of honey bees.

According to the experts, yellow is intellectually stimulating. It's great for conversation and also memory recall.

Just like the rush of NYC, black and yellow isn't for the timid. Yellow is tart and refreshing. It will stimulate your senses. It's a great way to get the energy back into your home. So, will you refresh your room with a twist of lemon?

February 19, 2012

Edmonton Interior Decorator | Design Style | Art Deco Design

Those who know me well, have heard me say that I was born at least 50 years too late. I'm in love with times past, and the 1920s-30s is no exception. The design style that evolved during this time was know as Art Deco. This "new age" style combined facets of the industrial age, along with geometric shapes and the charm of the silver screen.

Art Deco is famous for its use of high contrast colour schemes, industrial materials and clean lines. Typical decor elements would include: glass block, neon, chrome, mirrors and panels of opaque glass. Colour palettes would most likely include cool shades such as purple, green and black. Creamy neutrals and metallic accents would provide contrast to these dark shades.

If you're looking for a little touch of luxury, and striking elegance of the 20-30s, look to this moodboard for your inspiration.

{Click to enlarge}
Did you like this post? Check out my Aqua Ambition moodboard, which also features excellent ideas for an Art Deco influenced style.

February 15, 2012

Edmonton Interior Decorator | Masculine Rooms

Not Your Typical Man Cave

Move over man cave. Farewell Frat House. Forget the ubiquitous black leather sofa, beer fridge and oversize TV. These standard trappings of the XY-zone have got to go. Masculine retreats can be stylish without sacrificing comfort. But, how do you get this look?

More animal prints and less animal heads;
More metallic accents and less aluminum cans;
More framed art and less sports posters;
In short: More Bruce Wayne and less Beavis and Butthead.

Want to see more ideas like this? Visit my Pinterest board:

February 10, 2012

Edmonton Interior Decorator | Moodboard | Aqua Ambition

Lady Gaga's outfit choices are a topic rarely left untouched. From prosciutto frocks to armadillo shoes, she has worn it all. This colour theory/mood board was inspired by "Mother Monster's" decidedly restrained ensemble she paraded at the 2011 Fashion Icon awards.

I love the bold combination of aqua and black. It brings to mind images of mythical creatures like mermaids and endless oceans. Like these two things, this combination can be both mysterious and moody.

If you feel like you've got "Aqua Ambition", this palette lends itself well to the contemporary and art deco periods alike.

{Click to enlarge}

So, I have to ask: Are you "gaga" for aqua and black?

Edmonton Interior Decorator | Options for Bedside Tables

Whether you call them bedside tables, night stands, or night tables, they all serve the same function: a gathering place for our clock, glass of water, and whatnot.

Most people, when they purchase a bedroom set, they get the whole kit and kaboodle, including the matching bedside tables. This isn't necessary. Not only is it unnecessary, but it's not always space efficient. I see a lot of small spaces that can't always accommodate the typical bedside table.

Here are a few alternatives for you to consider. As you can see, it's easy to re-purpose furniture found around your home, to serve as a night stand in your bedroom.

Half Table

February 9, 2012

Edmonton Interior Decorator | Design Trend | Capiz Shells

Looking to add a breezy, coastal feel to your home? Select decorative accents adorned with Capiz shells. Just like coral, I see this becoming a major trend in decorative accessories.

Capiz shell is a flat, semi-transparent shell with a pearlescent appearance found in the Phillipines. Lamps, pendants, mirrors and other accessories work best in this delicate, mother-of-pearl finish.

{Click image to enlarge}

February 8, 2012

Edmonton Interior Decorator | Shades of Gray

Fifty Shades of Gray: Are you afraid of colour? Or perhaps you are looking for a timeless neutral, besides beige? Consider the many possibilities provided by shades of gray.

Gray ranges from the faintest whisper of silver to the deep shades of charcoal. It can be used to create peaceful bedrooms, luxurious bathrooms and classic living rooms.

I've personally used a medium blue-gray, in my own condo for the past 10 years, and I've never tired of it. It's a fantastic backdrop for art, and it allows whites and blacks to pop.

February 7, 2012

Edmonton Interior Decorator | Decor Trend | Black White and Gold

Well, it didn't take me long to fall back in love with high-contrast interiors. Besides, I think it's in my blood to love "Black Gold" -- after all, I was raised in Oil Country. And, if it's good enough for the Queen of Pop, it's good enough for me.



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