January 2, 2012

Edmonton Interior Decorator | Most Asked Question

Well, hello there, 2012. So nice to see you. Please be a nice year, and don't go ending the world on us, ok? I've got lots of pretty things to buy and homes to decorate. Not to mention, daily doses of eye candy, and free advice for my dedicated readers.

Now, seeing as this is my first post of the new year, I thought I would start with the the number one question I get asked about decorating: "What do I do if I have no budget?"

I guess if you watch shows like Real Housewives of Beverly Hills or Million Dollar Decorators, you might be led to believe that you need a six figure budget before you can consider changing things up in your home.

Absolutely untrue. There are three easy, and nearly free things you can do to dramatically transform your home.

1. Declutter. Be ruthless about it too! Clear off any flat surfaces. Remove excessive knicknacks. Only keep what is useful and visually appealing.

2. Rearrange your furniture. Does the room flow or is your living room like a corn maze? Reposition pieces until room feels more spacious. Remove extra furniture if necessary.

3. Paint. Think of the impact colour has when you paint your nails or put on a coat of lipstick. It's instantly uplifting! The same goes for your home. You don't have to stop with your walls, doors and trim either. If you're brave, you can consider painting your furniture, cabinets and even your floors. But, not if they have carpet...ha ha ha

And to debunk the #1 Myth about decorating -- it doesn't have to be expensive. I can customize a design package that will suit any budget.


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