December 28, 2011

Edmonton Interior Decorator | Card Catalogues

If you're old enough, you'll remember the local library and its large, wooden card catalogue. I must have very strong, and fond associations, with my childhood bibliotheque, because I'm totally enamored with card catalogues. I am on the hunt for the perfect one to store my jewellery and other assorted trinkets.

How would you use a card catalogue cabinet in your home?

Red Card Catalogue

Does anyone else shop at Kiehl's? Whenever I go in, I obsess over their amazing apothecary cabinet!!

December 24, 2011

Edmonton Interior Decorator | Before and After | Furniture Makeover

I don't know about you, but I grew out of the "matchy matchy" furniture sets a long time ago. Now, I'm all about building a design around unique, but complementary pieces. What's even more fun is finding vintage, or inexpensive pieces that you can transform into a thing of beauty.

Feast your eyes on these beauties. The creativity and skill that these DIYers possess is truly a gift.

Where do I even start with this dresser? It has writing on it. (Love it.) It has a vintage fan and camera on top of it as well. (More than love it.) Oh, and it's referencing NYC. (Big love!)

Now, if I've got you all excited about giving your own furniture a makeover, you should make one last stop at O'verlays

December 19, 2011

Edmonton Interior Decorator | Decor Trend | Junk in the Trunk

I must confess that I love old trunks and luggage. You can add that to the extensive list of vintage things I'm obsessed with: keys, coins, electronics, maps, and books. On the newer side, I prefer shiny things like chrome, rhinestones and lucite. But, we'll save that obsession for another day.

Now back to trunks: I just think they are such a wonderful way to bring a touch of vintage charm to a room, while providing valuable storage space. Here are a few of my favourites.

Studded and  Classic

Source: via Rachel on Pinterest

December 18, 2011

Edmonton Interior Decorator | High and Low | Price is Right?

Who's familiar with the Price is Right? I seem to recall a game where you have to guess if the price is "high or low." I thought it would be fun to do that with some furniture picks. Are you game? Good, let's play! Unfortunately, there are no giveaways if you're right. Only good times!

A. Black Tufted Headboard
Is the price "High" (over $900) or "Low" (under $300)


B. Tufted Headboard & Footboard
Is the price "High" (over $3200) or "Low" (under $1000)

C. Black Acrylic Chair
Is the price "High" (over $600) or "Low" (under $200)


D. Brown Leather Chair
Is the price "High" (over $1800) or "Low" (under $500)

Glass and Wood Table
Is the price "High" (over $1100) or "Low" (under $300)


Silver Side Table
Is the price "High" (over $800) or "Low" (under $200)

Black Table Lamp
Is the price "High" (over $1100) or "Low" (under $200)


So, how did you do?
A- Low; B- High; C- Low; D- High;  E- Low; F- Low; G- High.

December 15, 2011

Edmonton Interior Decorator | Decor Trends | Fabric Patterns

I'm a design junkie. Plain and simple. But there's nothing simple about the style I love. My favourite things to play with are pattern and colour. But, they don't have to be wild and crazy. A seasoned decorator is able to balance colour and pattern to create harmonious designs.


Source: via Rachel on Pinterest

December 11, 2011

Edmonton Interior Decorator | Colour Trend | Pantone Tangerine

Pantone has unveiled a vibrant reddish-orange as the "it" colour for 2012. This vivid colour is aptly named, Tangerine Tango. I adore this hue, and it reminds me of sunsets and Bellinis. Would you tango with this wild tangerine?


December 7, 2011

Edmonton Interior Decorator | Design Trend | Colourful Cabinets

Who says kitchen cabinets have to be boring? Cherry wood, maple, mahogany or plain white are great, but they are not the only options. Here are some amazingly colourful, yet tasteful choices for the heart of your home. Whip out the paint brush and get to painting your kitchen cabinets!

Breakfast at Tiffany's

Source: via Rachel on Pinterest

Source: via Rachel on Pinterest

Source: via Rachel on Pinterest

Source: via Rachel on Pinterest


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