April 9, 2011

Edmonton Interior Decorator | Welcome to Rachellabelle Interiors

Thanks for stopping by. I thought we'd get acquainted a little by letting you know the who, what, where and why behind Rachellabelle Interiors.

Some of my earliest memories are about the visual appeal, or lack thereof, in my surroundings. I remember my first "big girl" bedroom design (circa 5 years of age) was a mix of primary colours and bold patterns. In fact, I think it was very IKEA inspired. My mom and auntie had converted my sister's nursery (still using her wallpaper as a jumping off point) into my red-blue-yellow paradise. They had painted a six drawer dresser with alternating colours in red and yellow, complemented by red, square mirrors hung above. I had a twin sized white bed, and red blanket with vertical white stripes. The whole palette was very bold and cheerful.

My bedroom got a redesign once I hit my "tween" phase (circa 11 years of age). The more juvenile palette of primary colours was replaced with a cornflower blue and cream scheme. The straight lines of the Swedish box store giant was replaced by alluring curves of French Provincial furniture. Also, gone were the bold patterns and stripes in favour of a more delicate floral print. I also remember having my first set of curtains. They were a divine set of full length, chiffon (ok, polyester), cornflower blue princess curtains! I had cream with blue floral wallpaper on every wall, and a nearly matching bed ensemble complete with shams, bows and ruffles. I looooved my bedroom. Even more so when they upgraded the gold shag carpet to an ivory shag. My bedroom was my own haven, sanctuary, and retreat: a place for everything and everything in its place.

Growing up in a small town in the 80's, I didn't have access to the internet (obviously) or loads of magazines. My design inspiration came from the ubiquitous Sears catalogue and my mother's Woman's Weekly magazines. Occasionally I would find items I would like and would place them into photo albums. (Do you remember the kind with the sticky cardboard sheets and clear film?)

Around the age of 13, I felt I was outgrowing my bedroom and wanted a "suite" in my parents' semi-finished basement. I remember drawing crude floor plans and creating an inspiration file. I was going to create a sitting/study room along with an adjacent sleeping area (complete with its own set of French doors). The suite never did come to fruition, but I can still recall my plans to this day.

I do have my own "suite" now in the form of a downtown condo. I finally have the French doors, large baseboards, crown moulding, coloured walls, dark floors, AND artwork that I've craved since childhood.

I have always been an intensely visual person: I love fashion, architecture, makeup and furniture. In 2010 I received my accreditation as an Interior Decorating and Design Professional. And the rest, as they say, is "her"story.


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