August 29, 2015

Edmonton Decorator | DIY | Chalkboard Paint

The Chalkboard Paint DIY Article of Your Dreams


Chalkboard paint is a modern design marvel. It allows you to instantly transform just about any surface into a canvas for your creativity. Write down an inspiration quote. Doodle a caricature. Then wipe it all away and start again. Tada!

I grew up in an era where teaching was done on a chalkboard. So I guess I still have fond memories of this school room esthetic.

Use chalkboard paint to create table top and galleries for children, customizable wine glasses for guests or simply a message center for your family.

Chalkboard Painted Dresser
Chalkboard Painted Coffee Table
Chalkboard Painted Wall Calendar
Chalkboard Painted Bathroom
Chalkboard Painted Menu
Chalkboard Painted Serving Tray
Chalkboard Painted Message Center
Chalkboard Painted Herb Pots
Chalkboard Painted Wall for Kids
Chalkboard Painted Spice Rack

Want even more DIY ideas? Check out my DIY Diva board on Pinterest.

August 22, 2015

Edmonton Decorator | Celebrity Style | KUWTK

10 Decorating Tips to Steal from the Kardashians


Say what you want about the Kardashians and Jenners, but they sure do have fantastic sense of style. In fact, when I do watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians, I'm usually ogling their couture clothes and their enviable home decor. I'd say their mom-ager, Kris Jenner definitely had a huge influence on their personal style, because the homes of Kim, Khloe, Kourtney and Kylie tend reflect the design style of the Jenner mansion. Kendall is the only one that strays from the bunch, with a slightly more relaxed design esthetic.

You'll notice 10 repeating trends in their interior design. Their homes are usually high contrast black and white interiors embellished with bold patterns, highly polished surfaces, tons of family photos and loads of mirrors.  They tend to favour the Hollywood Regency style which relies on lots of bling, luxurious fabrics and symmetry. Rarely do they stray from their colour palette of black, white and grey. But when they do, they use a purposeful pop of colour.


Decorating like Kris Jenner

Decorating like Kris Jenner

Decorating like Kris Jenner

Polished Surfaces
Decorating like Khloe Kardashian

Decorating like Kylie Jenner

Brag Wall
Decorating like a Kardashian

Lots of Bling
Decorating like a Kardashian

Decorating like a Kardashian

Luxurious Fabrics
Decorating like Kim Kardashian West

Pop of Colour
Decorating like Kourtney Kardashian

Want to decorate your home like a Kardashian, without breaking the bank? 

Drop me a message or give me a call.

August 9, 2015

Edmonton Decorator | How to Decorate if You're Renting

How to Decorate When Renting: By the Numbers

I always recommend to my decorating clients, to make a big change, with the smallest investment, you paint. Paint the walls, paint the trim and paint the cupboards. 

But, in a rental you can't do that. You're prohibited from painting or renovating in any way. So what's a renter to do that want's a stylish place with some personal flair?

First, here's the list: (Photos to follow)

  1. Use Removable wallpaper  
  2. Add Wall Decals 
  3. Use Moveable Storage
  4. Create a Distinct Entryway
  5. Decorate with Mirrors
  6. Personalize with Drawer liners
  7. Make a Framed Chalkboard
  8. Buy Statement furniture
  9. Decorate with Indoor Trees
  10. Buy a Conversation Piece
  11. Add Ambiance with Faux fireplace
  12. Hang Pictures on a Wire

Removable Wallpaper
Available at most big box Home Renovation Stores
Removable Wall Paper

Wall Decals
Check Amazon and Etsy for custom options
Wall Decals

Moveable Storage
This model available at Restoration Hardware
Baker's Rack

Create a Distinct Entryway
This model available at IKEA

Storage Bench

Decorate with Mirrors
My favourite place to buy mirrors is HomeSense and Bouclair
Unique Mirrors

    Personalize with Drawer Liners
    Endless options in stores and online
    Patterned Draw Liners

    Make (or buy) a Framed Chalkboard
    I recommend Flea Markets, Goodwill or Etsy
    Chalkboard in Red Frame

    Buy Statement Furniture
    Unique Chaise Longue

    Decorate with Indoor Trees
    Add life with Indoor Trees

    Buy (or make) a Conversation Piece
    DIY Ladder Book Shelf

    Add Ambiance with a Faux Fireplace
    Faux Fireplace as Focal Point

    Hang Pictures on a Wire
    Look mom, no holes in the wall!

    Want some additional help decorating your rental? Give me a call or drop me a line!


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